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Lost or Stolen Card

Please call the following 24-hour phone number to report a lost or stolen Mastercard® debit card:

You can also log in to digital banking to take advantage of the card on/off feature.

Avoid Fraud
  • Sign up for debit card alerts to be sent to your email under Manage Alerts on online banking.
  • Utilize online banking and the free mobile app daily.
  • Temporarily lock and unlock your debit card utilizing the on/off feature under Manage Cards.
  • Keep the bank updated with current contact information.
  • Don’t reply to any email, phone call or text message that does any of the below:
    • Requires you to give your personal or account information in a direct email or on a link the email sends you.
    • Threatens to close or suspend your account if you don’t take immediate action with your debit card, banking or personal information.

Our fraud department at Security Bank will contact you directly regarding possible fraudulent charges and will leave you a voicemail with a call back number. For any concerns, or if you see any suspicious activity, you can call us directly at 254-486-0003 during business hours.

What do I do if I see fraud on my debit card?

Turn the card off via online banking and contact us immediately.