Mill-King Market and Creamery – Small Business Spotlight


Mill-King Market and Creamery is a third-generation dairy farm in McGregor, Texas, owned by the Miller family. They are a company rich with history and innovation. With the changing years, their products have adapted to the growing world, even though some might think they simply produce milk. Their products boast low-temperature, non-homogenized, non-GMO, and grass-fed dairy products. Why is this innovative? Well, it allows consumers to purchase milk with the benefits of raw milk in grocery stores, providing a more accessible product for those who cannot make it to a dairy farm (since raw milk sales are illegal off the farm in Texas).

With their diverse business, Mill-King needed a bank that cared about their needs. Since they are both an agricultural business and a manufacturing business, Security Bank looks at various options to accommodate their needs. They love banking with Security Bank because of the individuality that a smaller banking institution allows. They also like the creative ways to receive loans, lines of credit, certificates of deposit, and interest-bearing accounts.

Their business constantly evolves as they strive to produce options for consumers who want a clean, unadulterated dairy product. They care about their customers’ needs and wants and tailor their products to encompass products that health and allergen-conscious consumers can consume. To do this, they utilize non-homogenized, low-temperature pasteurized milk. This production method takes extra time as they heat the milk at a low temperature for an extended period, and the bottling process is longer to avoid homogenization. Still, their extra care allows some people with a milk intolerance to consume Mill-King milk.

For Mill-King Market and Creamery, it was important to find Security Bank to offer them a unique banking experience for their business needs. Since they value providing a good experience for consumers, they like that Security Bank’s values are largely the same with their efficient, knowledgeable, and willing-to-go-the-extra-mile staff. And they can use the online banking option from Security Bank when they can’t make it to the bank in person due to their unpredictable schedules. For them, the switch from their previous bank to Security Bank was a great experience, and they even decided to use Security Bank for their personal finances as well.

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